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Allwinner Driver

Allwinner Technology, founded in 2007, is a leading fabless designer dedicated to intelligent application SoC, high performance analog component and wireless connectivity IC. It is headquartered in Zhuhai China, with other R&D centers and offices in Shenzhen, HongKong, Xi'an, Beijing and Shanghai.
Motivated by customer-oriented strategy, Allwinner aligns remarkable R&D teams with long-term core-technology investment in UHD video processing, high-performance multi-core CPU/GPU integration with AI and advanced manufacturing process in terms of high integration , ultra-low power consumption and full-stack integration platform, providing competitive turnkey solutions with considerate services. The products powered by Allwinner spread across from smart hardware, tablet, smart home, connected automotive, robotics, virtual reality, OTT TV box, power management/analog component, wireless communication module to intelligent IoT.

Do you own Allwinner Smartphone or Tablet and looking for Allwinner USB Drivers to connect Allwinner to Windows PC? Then you are at right place. From this page you can Download Allwinner USB Driver, Android ADB Driver, and Fastboot Driver for all Allwinner device models. These Allwinner USB Driver helps in connecting Allwinner device to Computer or Laptop successfully. The Allwinner ADB Driver and Fastboot Driver helps in flashing ROM, Firmware and other image files to the device. Find your Allwinner Model below and download the suitable Allwinner USB Drivers, ADB Driver, and Fastboot Driver for your device model.

Download :

Points To Remember :
  1. Download Allwinner stock ROM firmware, flash it on your bricked smartphone or tablet and unbrick your device easily.
  2. You can get rooting tutorials, stock or custom firmware flashing tutorials, etc., for your Allwinner smartphone or tablet by leaving a comment below.
  3. The Allwinner USB drivers given here are for Windows-based computers. If you are using a Mac or Linux based computer, these drivers will not work.
  4. Allwinner Technology CO., Ltd. officially provides all the USB drivers given on this page. So, if you face any inconvenience while using USB drivers on your computer, contact their support team.
  5. Can’t find the USB driver for your Allwinner device here on this page? Let us know by dropping a comment below.