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Phoenix Card v3.0.9 20130312

Are you using an Allwinner A10 ARM processor-based smartphone or tablet? If yes are you looking for an easy way to flash the Android Firmware (.img file) of your device on SD or micro SD cards? If yes is your answer, then you are on the right page. Download Phoenix Card, launch it on your computer and use the application to flash .img firmware file on the external storage device for Android devices.
Phoenix Card is a small utility tool that allows you to create a bootable image of Android Firmware on external memory cards of Android smartphones and tablets. Here we have provided all the working versions of this tool.
In this guide, we bring you all the versions of the PhoenixCard Tool. This is a flash tool that allows you to turn a MicroSD card bootable by burning a Firmware image file. Later you can use this firmware to flash on any Android device.  This way you can enjoy a brand new Firmware or update the existing one seamlessly.

Download :
Phoenix Card V3.0.9 20130312

What is the PhoenixCard Tool?
Well, there is no shortage of tools that lets you flash any firmware update file on your Android device and upgrade them with the latest Softwares. However, different situations require a different solution, because you might be stuck in a situation where you are only left with a microSD or SD card and you want to upgrade your Android device. In that case, the PhoenixCard tool comes into the picture as this is a very small yet powerful tool that lets you create a bootable image of any Android firmware file (.img) on a microSD or SD card. Moreover, this tool will create a hidden space in your SD card that you cannot format directly in your Windows PC. We all have SD cards lying around, which you make good use of, by using the PhoenixCard tool. It has been developed by Allwinner and in simple words, it lets you create an official image into a self-installing bootable SD card.

Phoenix Card Features :
  • Burn .img Firmware : Using this tool, you can burn .img firmware file on any external memory cards (SD and micro SD cards only). In other words, you can easily create a bootable image of .img firmware on Micro SD and SD cards using this tool.
  • Simple UI : The user interface of this tool is too simple that even a newbie can use it to create bootable image of .img firmware file on external memory cards. To burn the firmware file on external SD or micro SD card, all you have to do is insert the external storage device using a card reader, launch PhoenixCard, select “Disk” & “Img File” and click on “Burn“.
  • Supports Allwinner A10 ARM Processor : You can use this tool to create a bootable image of .img firmware file for Android smartphones and tablets using Allwinner A10 ARM Processor.
  • Supports All Windows Version : PhoenixCard tool supports all versions of Windows operating system, i.e., you can use this tool on all Windows-based computers.
  • Portable Application : PhoenixCard comes as a portable application, i.e., you don’t have to install it on your computer to use this application. Just click on PhoenixCard.exe file to launch its Window.

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